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The Truth Behind The “Autism Epidemic”

By | source:Here Aug 20th, 2019

Are we facing an autism epidemic? Autism diagnosis have risen greatly since the start of the twentieth century. Are you aware of the causes behind this? Check out today’s infographic!

First off, hold your horses. Experts state we really can’t talk about an epidemic per se, mainly because the rise in diagnosis also stems from a growing awareness of the condition, as well as changes to the condition’s criteria.

Because there are no specific blood tests, brain scans, or other “objective” tests that can diagnose autism, doctors rely on observation and behavior to diagnose. In simple terms, the criteria for autism are “problems with social communication and interactions, as well as restricted interests or repetitive behavior”; and both of these symptoms must be present in early development.

According to the stats, around five more boys than girls suffer from autism, and the trend only seems to be getting stronger not only in the US but worldwide. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to assess the real prevalence of autism, given that many kids aren’t diagnosed, and stats come usually from school and medical records that many families don’t necessarily have access to.

If you want to know more about autism, this infographic has all the basics you need to know!