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How To Wake Up Early Based on Science

By | source:Here Sep 26th, 2018

Ben Franklin said that early risers are healthy, wealthy and wise. And who wouldn’t want that?
Nevertheless, when faced with your comfy pillow and the cold outdoors, we’re more likely to choose the pillow. But come on! Many highly successful people love getting up early in the mornings, some even go as far as waking up at 4 AM, just to get a head start on the day! Why would someone DO that?

Well, think about any goal you might have. A hobby you’d like to indulge or a skill that you’d love to refine. What would you do if you had a couple of extra hours every morning to do those things?

That’s the reason for getting up early. If you’re up before everyone else, then you’ll enjoy quiet time to do virtually anything you like. Learn a new language, write a blog, go for a run, or cook a great breakfast. The world is your oyster.

Want to become an early riser? The trick is getting enough sleep: you’ll never get up early if you’re running on 3 hours of sleep. Get to bed sooner, and it will be easier to get up early as well. Today’s infographic is all about tried and true tips that make waking up before the sun rises more bearable. Get ready to be more productive!