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Visualizing Big Data Using Big Macs

By | source:Here Jan 17th, 2018

There is a massive amount of data out there. Surprisingly, it is theorized that 90% of all data in the world has been created in just the past few years. 

If used correctly, big data can help almost any company, even the small ones (here are the tips for small businesses), to grow rapidly and generate huge revenue. There are also other benefits such as stemming the spread of diseases, combatting crime, and providing optimized entertainment. The potential of big data is endless.

But let’s put aside the complicated things for something a little more entertaining. Why not turn bytes into grams and calories? To help get a handle on the magnitude of big data, this infographic uses scales that we can understand. It equates data sizes to weights and then calories, so you can get a sense of how data has grown proportionally.

If 1 megabyte equals 1 gram, a floppy disk would have the same weight as 7 peas, while an 80-Minute CD-ROM Disc could weigh around 4-Wham O Ultimate Frisbees.

What about the modern ones? As the technology develops, a small device can have significant memory storage. For instance, an Apple iPad Air 2 would weigh the same as 11 peacocks, and an Xbox One would weigh as much as 5 Genuine Buddy 150 Scooters.

Now, let’s assume that 1 gigabyte equals 1 pound and by the time you finished reading that about one second had passed. One second might seems small to you, but one second of global Internet traffic is not. In fact, it would weigh the same as 12 adult male cows.

Now you know why they call it big data!