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What Happens to Your Digital Life When You Die? [Video Infographic]

By | source: Feb 10th, 2012

Imagine if one of your best friends kept a trunk of of their personality… Their likes, dislikes, photos, home videos, conversations, feelings and secrets. Then out of no-where, when your friend is hit by an airplane, Google comes knocking at your door with the legal right to take, use, and recreate whatever they’d like using what’s in your friend’s trunk. Seems wrong doesn’t it?

This is already happening. The biggest culprit has to be facebook. I know I’ve uploaded years worth of data and personality traits to my facebook account that even if I was dead, a stranger could get a sense of who I was and I’m not even a good facebooker.

I feel some people put so much of themselves on the social media outlets, they wouldn’t be the same without it. Writing a depressing status almost always guarantees a few people will comment. Throw up some regurgitated meme from Reddit? Massive ‘likes’. Facebook and other social media outlets can grant us unlimited attention; we just have to tell these companies something personal. Luckily the data these networks collect is all under anonymity… Or so they say. What’s stopping a facebook employee from creeping around our info and selling it on the side?

Although the social revolution is scary, it isn’t going anywhere. We all know facebook and google use our personalities for profit, yet we still visit them daily. Is it right to use a dead man’s memory for cash? No. Are you going to do anything about it?…Mhmmm…