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What You Need to Live Off the Land

By | source: Aug 19th, 2011

This summer I started to rent a place down in Texas that is somewhat in the country. I have around an acre or two I can mess around with and after reading today’s graphic I’m tempted to grow my own sustenance. Most of the people on my street have a few cows, horses and donkeys. If they’re nice people, and if the livestock wouldn’t be too expensive, imagine getting fresh milk for your cereal every morning.  Hell yes!

I’m also a big fan of meat, so becoming a vegetarian would be difficult. I’d definitely need some little piggies and a chicken coop to complete my ultimate breakfast. Although I would miss my trips to HEB, home-grown food would taste so much better. If I do plant anything soon, it would probably be tomatoes. My mom grew them when I was a little kid, and the store’s tomatoes just aren’t very good.

Solar power would also be a nice thing to have. The energy bill sucks when you’re air conditioning is battling 105 degree heat everyday. If you’re feeling independent and hate your grocery bill try your hand at being self-sufficient with the help of this graphic. [Via]