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This Is What Your Pet Thinks About

By | source:Pet Supplies Apr 16th, 2022

Have you ever wondered what your pet would say if it could talk? A talking pet makes life easier. Or does it?

Have you ever stepped on your dog’s tail and regretted it for the next 24 hours? It would be great if your pet could say something like – “no, man. It’s cool. It could have happened to anyone.”

Talking pets could help us solve the enduring mystery of why cats think they rule the universe. Do cats think they’re superior creatures or want to leave domesticated life for the wild?

What if your parrot could give his opinion on a topic, and not just repeat yours. Maybe your pet has seen something you would have wanted to know, but the bird couldn’t tell you because it was too busy repeating your uttered sentences.

Imagine you have the power of Dr. Dolittle and you can talk to animals. How great would that be? Or would it? What if you’ve mistreated your pet and now he wants to get back to you by saying mean things to you? What if you didn’t help him beat the heat?! Take a look at this humoristic representation of what would happen if your pet could talk.