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What’s the Most Expensive Element?

By | source:Here Feb 5th, 2022

Everything we know is made of elements, and thanks to the Earth, there are a variety of elements to make everything we need. Over the years, many elements have been discovered, some of which are very precious and expensive, while others elements are readily available and cheap. But, what’s the most expensive element?

The cost of elements depends on their availability, isotope, and the resources required to manufacture them. Out of the discovered elements, below are the top ten most expensive elements and their uses.

The 10 Most Expensive Elements (Price per KG)

1. Polonium-209 ($49.2 trillion)

Polonium-209 is used as a static eliminator, and it can also be used for atomic weapons and as a heat source for satellites and spacecraft. This is also one of the rarest elements available.

2. Actinium-255 ($29 trillion)

Actinium-255 is a decay product from thorium-229, and it contains high energy particles believed to interrupt the DNA of cancer cells and prevent them from duplicating. For this reason, it is used as a therapy for cancer treatment for leukemia, as well as prostate and brain cancer.

3. Technetium-99m ($1.9 trillion)

Technetium-99m is used to image body parts for medical diagnostics. It is mainly used for diagnostic imaging for the heart, skeleton, liver, bone marrow, and spleen, among other medical studies.

4. Berkelium-249 ($185 billion)

Berkelium-249 has a 330-day half-life and is used as an ingredient in synthesizing heavy elements like tennessine.

5. Californium-249 ($185 billion)

Californium-249 is a powerful neutron emitter used to identify metal fatigue and to spot silver and gold ores. It’s also used in mobile metal detectors.

6. Curium-248 ($160 billion)

Curium-248 is a moderate neutron source used in the production of plutonium-238.

7. Californium-252 ($60 billion)

Because of its radioactive properties, Californium-252 is used in various applications — including cancer treatment, nuclear reactors, and in the military — to help in detecting explosives.

8. Curium-244 ($185 million)

Curium-244 is a radioactive heat source for isotope thermoelectric generators.

9. Plutonium-239 ($6.49 million)

Plutonium-239 is manufactured from uranium and is used as an ingredient to make nuclear weapons.

10. Americium-241 ($728,000)

Americium-241 is used in various detectors to detect smoke or toxic lead in paints.