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When Is the Internet Awake?

By | source: Jul 28th, 2012

Internet by day, internet by night; everyone is on the internet at some point. Whether you’re a college student cramming for an exam with a Facebook study-break, or a middle-aged parent catching up on burning through some episodes of Lost, everyone’s got their own time of the day that they like to surf the world wide web. According to Bárd Edlund, as a whole, most of the internet is awake around 9 am EST. With this world clock he’s collected probability data for 25 countries accessing the internet at a given time of 24-hour day. The x axis describes the time of day by shade of gray (lighter being earlier in the day, and darker shades later in the night), while on the y axis shows the different countries via moon-like circles. The circle size describes the amount of people with internet broadband subscriptions.

This chart is only an rough guide though. Just because a country is awake doesn’t mean that they are necessarily online reading your tweets. It’s meant to be a way of thinking of how the world realizes their sleep schedules and how it could relate to internet surfing. So I guess it’s a good reason to have these posts available around 8 am after all. via