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Who Are Americas Toilet Texters? The Dirty Cell Phone Habits Study

By | source:Here May 10th, 2019

A recent survey says that 3 out 4 Americans don’t go to the toilet without their smartphones – another sign that phone addiction is getting out of control!

In a study conducted with 2,114 Americans, phone trade in company BankMyCell discovered that about 80% of men and 69% of women use their phones in the restroom. Out of this number, 54% of people while away their bathroom time on social media and 40.5% read and send text messages while 38% watch videos.

Other things that people do with their phones while on the toilet include playing music, playing games, sending pictures, and browsing dating sites, according to the infographic provided by the cell phone trade-in specialist, BankMyCell.

When it comes to operating systems, Android users are the ones who are more attached to their phones compared to iOS users. The survey found that about 88% of Android users don’t go to the toilet without their smartphone, compared to 76% of iPhone owners. This habit of using mobile phones in the toilet is more prevalent in New York, Georgia, California, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania.

The US phone recycling company further reveals that the younger generation loves bringing their phones to the toilet much more than the older people. Namely, over 90% of both Generation Y and Generation Z smartphone users can’t leave their phone behind when visiting the toilet. Conversely, only 11% of Silent generation users take their phone to the toilet.

The fact that many Americans use their phones while on the toilet doesn’t mean it’s a good habit. Besides risking dropping your phone into the toilet, you’re also exposing yourself to harmful bacteria by using your phone in between the toilet and washing your hands. In fact, many people don’t bother to clean their phones after visiting the toilet. Only 16% do that compared to the 90% who remember to at least clean their hands after the restroom business.