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Why Pinterest Is So Addictive

By | source: Dec 20th, 2014

Since Pinterest exploded on the social media scene, the user base has only grown. In the beginning it was the social platform for women. Crafts, fashion, food and more flooded the screen with attractive pictures and easy to use sharing model. Now all different types of people and companies use Pinterest.

Have you checked out the Daily Infographic Pinterest board? Pinterest is creeping into my google searches more and more lately. Whether I’m researching new pants or internet marketing I keep getting Pinterest in the results. Then I end up spending 2 hours scrolling down and learn way too much about carrot cake.

I’m still not an avid user. When compared to my Facebook or Instagram usage, personally Pinterest can’t compete. I’m not sure why – I just think there’s too much going on. Okay so I jumped on Pinterest right now while writing this and I am right. There’s too much going on. Absolutely everything I’m interested in endlessly scrolls and I feel like I get sucked into a time-wasting application.

It was really cool though – I think I may start Pinteresting more. [via]

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