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World’s Biggest Data Breaches

By | source: Jan 4th, 2015

At this point, are you even surprised when you hear news of another company data breach? Or, like me, do you roll your eyes and religiously check your bank account for the next few weeks?

It seems like every other week, another popular store has been victim to hackers, and consumer’s private information has been stolen. Chick-fil-A is currently in the news for a potential credit card data breach. And I went there twice in December. Oh well, I wasn’t attached to my debit card number anyway.

As I was searching for articles about the latest data breaches, I discovered this awesome interactive infographic. It shows data losses of over 30,000 records, with the largest at 200 million. The coolest part of this graphic is the number of ways you can filter the information for your viewing pleasure. You can sort by year, method of leak, number of records stolen and data sensitivity.

My favorite part is that it’s color coded. [via]

Click for enlarged interactive infographic.