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Your Rights at the Workplace

By | source:ManninJuryLaw Sep 6th, 2016

I currently work with a local transportation share economy start up and having a huge aspect of the business in ‘the field’ brings on some major safety concerns. From having employees driving constantly to heavy lifting in heavy traffic, there is a huge responsibility of making sure the operations team is well-rested and prepared for unexpected events.

I’ve spent my fair share of time working in the field and I have noticed that when using tools and machinery, there are always close calls. Employers work hard to minimize the threat of mishaps. Providing detailed instructions and preventive tactics like high-visibility clothing can help avoid disaster.

Accidents do happen, and making sure the employee knows their rights is of utmost importance. Every office should have an OSHA poster with detailed outlines of the law, but consulting an expert is never a bad idea.