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Diego Martinez-Moncada was the 3rd team member to join the Daily Infographic while he attended the University of Texas earning a degree in Political Science. Along with having hundreds of Daily Infographic posts under his belt, he is an Austin native who began working for Congressman Lloyd Doggett directly out of college. While he helped to fight for the rights of the people in Texas’ Congressional District 35 Diego ran two very successful re-election campaigns for Congressman Doggett.

Wanting a break from politics, Diego recently took a job for the Compost Pedallers, a 100% bike-powered composting solution. They partner with Urban Farms and Community Gardens to take organics picked up from their customers over to enable the farmers with access to completely free compost to grow local food. Some of their clients include DropBox, RideScout, and Hops & Grain Brewery. You can check out their website Hereor their PBS Documentary Here.

You can contact Diego by emailing him at Diego AT CompostPedallers.com or by connecting on LinkedIn.

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