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Let’s Take a Drive

By | source: Aug 28th, 2012

Do you feel like taking a drive? Driving can be so stressful in the early morning, while racing to work, but it can also be so very relaxing in the right environment. Today, we are focusing on the soothing, so sit back, buckle up and get ready for a ride.

Today’s infographic takes us through the 10 most beautifully challenging highways, all which are blissfully tackled in a Suzuki. From West Virginia and Maine to to California and Hawaii, these drives will take you through all of the terrain that the United States has to offer.

While I haven’t made any of these drives, all of these may make their way on to my bucket list. If I have to play favorites, I would most love to take a spin around the Big Sur Costal Highway in California. Beachy California a convertible can’t be beat.

Do you have a favorite drive? Is it one on the list? We would love to know! And you would love it in a Suzuki. [Via]

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