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The Cost Of Your Favorite Food Around The World

By | source:Here May 3rd, 2024

If you’ve got an international trip planned, you might want to check out this chart before making your budget. 

It turns out, food prices vary significantly from country to country. It makes sense, seeing as economic, social, and agricultural climates are extremely different across the globe. Some nations’ economies can sell food for less money because they produce the product locally, and other reasons for price variance include supply and demand within a given nation and taxation rates. 

As someone who loves to travel and can’t wait to explore the world in our newfound post-pandemic reality, this graphic seems like an awesome budgeting plan for me. Some countries, like Japan, tend to score higher than the US across the board. If Japanese culture interests you, I would suggest making sure you leave enough wiggle room in your wallet to fill your belly. 

This isn’t to say that the United States is the pinnacle of cheap food. In fact, some countries sell dishes for just a fraction of their cost here in the U.S. If your “buy one get two free” coupon for a Domino’s pizza is expired in the US, just book a flight to Indonesia– where you can get three pizzas for the price of one. However, I would definitely recommend jumping out of your comfort zone when you’re abroad and enjoying cuisine that is native to that culture.