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10 Amazing Hair Facts

By | source: Jan 2nd, 2015

I’ve always wondered when hair became something so associated with beauty. At what point in human history did someone start to cut their hair? My guess is that it would go back thousands of years. Before we all teased, shaped, and molded our hair follicles for looks, I bet people just got tired of it getting in everything. After getting tired of using makeshift hair ties, our ancestors must of taken the plunge and crudely cut their locks. I’m sure they used it once cut. Maybe for brushes or other tools.

Looking back at more recent history of some of the Chinese Dynasties, British royalty and tribal African hair styles, we’ve moved far away from the practicality of cutting hair into some obscured styles. Why were hair pieces or those weird white wigs so big in the West during the 1700’s? They were absolutely ridiculous looking, and must have itched like no other.

No matter the style or reason, I’m sure future generations will create even crazier styles, and look back at our slice of history in utter disbelief as well. [Via]