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16 Ways to Not Scramble Eggs

By | Oct 18th, 2016

The egg is a nutritious, somewhat yawn-worthy staple food, right? Wrong. The egg is crazy versatile and totally exotic if you do it right.

Which is the weirdest egg dish on here? I’m going to have to vote for Balut because A) it looks gross, B) it sounds gross, and C) it’s probably super gross. It uses a fertilized egg! That means it’s got an embryo in it! Gross! Although from a completely different standard, the meringues might be the weirdest on here. Don’t get me wrong, I love meringues, but they are light, ethereal puffs of sugar like one might be served in fairyland or heaven. Everything else on this list is thick and hearty, classically savory and eggy (excluding Pavlova, which is basically made of meringues and so it doesn’t count) .

Eggs, in the western lands from which I hail, are most strongly associated with breakfast. But the rest of the world has just as much to say about breakfast as it does about eggs. Check out our Breakfast Around the World infographic for inspiration to shake up your morning meal.