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38 Anime Characters That Give Surprisingly Great Life Advice

By | source:Here Apr 15th, 2019

One of the best realizations I ever had about wisdom was that it doesn’t really exist. Or rather, it does, but there’s no singular, concrete definition of what ‘good, wise advice’ is, which means you can find it anywhere if you look hard enough. Including, as this graphic demonstrates, in the words of anime characters.

After all, if your favorite childhood animations can give you life advice, why can’t anime characters? Since anime is as diverse and varied as any other art form, it makes sense that there’s a wide range of opinions on offer. For example, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach remarks on the futility of revenge, “You wanted revenge? You’re just making other people as miserable as you. Revenge is just the path you took to escape your suffering.” His advice is concrete and blunt.

On the other hand, some anime characters offer more open-ended thoughts; take, for example, Lelouch VI Britannia from Code Geass, who says that, “The shape of happiness might resemble glass. You don’t usually notice it, it’s still definitely there, you merely have to change your point of view slighty, and then that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light.” A more poetic (and true) sentiment would be hard to come by.