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4 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand Online

By | source:Here Dec 16th, 2016

Around a decade ago, only artists started to put their portfolios under personal websites. It wasn’t until the late 2000’s that everyone noticed a polished personal online brand could lead to a better job. Now-a-days we’re almost expected to have a public resume on LinkedIn, as well as a personal website decked out with blog posts, social links, and personality traits.

As someone involved in hiring I have noticed my tendency to swing to the candidate with a better looking website. Especially the personal aspect. I like to know if their personality will meld well with our corporate culture. I want to know what color scheme and designs they use to know what creativity they could bring to the job. I can also enjoy an analytical approach of an infographic style personal resume, where work experience and skills are easily laid out.

Building your online brand is more important than ever, today’s infographic will get you pointed in the right direction to stay on top of the competition.