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5 Tips To Maximize Your Product Sales This Holiday Season

By | source:Salsify Aug 29th, 2016

Fall will be here soon, and with Fall comes the plethora of American holidays. Labor Day sales will be lighting up our social media feeds next week. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the all too famous Black Friday is next. Then Cyber Monday and although I don’t like talking about Christmas this early, it might be a good idea to start saving for your x-mas fund now.

As a consumer we’re in for a long 2016 as it comes to purchases, but for sellers it is a different story. Today’s infographic will help sellers get an edge over their competitors in the online product sales space. With all these holidays comes a stiff market when competing over goliaths like Amazon and EBay.

Keeping your product description detailed is a must. Included quality pictures from all angles and optimizing your product titles can greatly increase sales. Setting up measurable analytics can help you A/B test your titles and descriptions making sure you’re always on top.