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50 Boozy Favorites Across The United States

By | source:Here Oct 29th, 2018

From Arizona’s favorite Prickly Pear Margarita to the classic Bloody Mary in Illinois, a recent poll by Buzzfeed mapped out the most iconic drink in each of the 50 states. Which state shares your taste in beverages?

Californians love their red wine whereas Connecticut dwellers overwhelmingly chose white wine. More than a dozen states listed a type of beer as their iconic state drink. This varies from Busch Lite drinkers in Iowa and North Dakota to craft beer aficionados in Oregan, Idaho, and Vermont.

From margaritas to craft beer and vodka-spiced sweet tea, the US has something for everyone! Along with the standard drinks, you’ll find a selection of beverages known only by the locals. You might need to ask what the ingredients are in the Lousiana Sazerac.  In Alaska, you may laugh while asking for their boozy favorite called Duck Farts. Locals will tell you that the combination of  Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish cream, and Crown Royal Canadian whiskey tastes much better than the name suggests. If you’re looking for moonshine, then check out West Virginia and North Carolina. Nevada tops the list with poll data listing “anything fruity” as their iconic state drink.

Nevertheless, cocktails and beer aren’t America’s favorite. According to MarketWatch, Americans drink more coffee than soda, tea and juice combined! In 2016, coffee consumption doubled soda, and it was eons away from beer, wine, and other spirits. Whether you love coffee or prefer Maine’s coffee brandy, you’ll find a beverage unique in every state.