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What’s Your Wine Personality

By | source:OneHopeWine Feb 11th, 2022

Today’s graphic will let your label yourself with one of the quirky personalities of wine-o’s. I’ve already done it myself and hope to think that I’m the Aspiring Connoisseur.

I’ve been the ‘newcomer’ when I started to get into wine, just like the personality in the infographic, with my parents. I started to notice different flavor profiles in wine, familiar tastes and was able to pick certain regions and types of grapes I prefered.

Then I started to become more confident with my wine tasting. Making more bold predictions on which different flavors I was tasting.

“Hint, of chocolate, aftertaste of pear.”

That’s where I still am today. Give me red, earth, old-word, intense, rich – I’ll be happy.