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7 Summertime Treats That Could Hurt Your Dog

By | source:Here May 2nd, 2017

With summer around the corner and the birds singing, the hot months are going to bring with them  summer food and drinks. While it is tempting to share your bounty with man’s best friend, some of those delectable dishes are not going to go down so well with your canine compadre.

Some of these warnings may seem obvious- As cool and refreshing as your beer may be, avoid trying to share that enjoyment with your dog, or worse trying to get him drunk. Alcohol is a big NO-NO for dogs. Maybe a nice virgin daiquiri?

Although your dog, like mine, may enjoy some sweet summer fruit from time to time, stay away from apples and grapes, yes that means raisins too. All three can be potentially deadly to your dog.

Your dog may look absolutely adorable staring at the barbeque, but it’s not the best idea to over-feed your friend on fatty foods. Both you and him will appreciate the lack of vomiting and diarrhea.  First time pet owner?  Here are some tips on how to care for your dog.