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A Global Guide to Airplane Food

By | Oct 16th, 2016

Airplane food gets a bad rap, but the quality of the food really depends on the airline and what class you fly.

Ever flown Cathay Pacific? Me neither! It’s fun to know that some airlines don’t serve lasagna. I wanted to go to Japan anyway, but after looking at that tasty looking airplane meal, I may have to fly there on Nippon Airways. I love rice balls, and if that purple one is umeboshi onigiri (rice balls filled with pickled plums) then I’ll be in heaven.

I’m pretty darn hungry so all the food here looks good to me right now (except the shrimp – gross).  I wish there were also pictures of the first class meals. I wonder if they’re served in the same sort of plastic dishes or in something classier. Have you ever flown first class? What airline were you on and what were the dishes and utensils like?

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