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Your Employee Is About To Quit: Here’s Why

By | source:Here Jul 12th, 2021

Working a job that you hate seems to be a right of passage. While I certainly consider myself to be a dedicated and professional person, I’m also someone who prioritizes my mental health and happiness. Resultantly, I’ve quit a job before for the simple reason that it was causing me more harm than good, mentally. My employer seemed surprised when I let them know I wouldn’t be returning, and I was surprised at their surprise. Working in a toxic environment had certainly taken a toll on me up to that point, and I wasn’t exactly trying to hide it. 

I have experience in the food service industry, and restaurant jobs have a consistently high employee turnover. I’ve had bosses ask me in frustration why people are constantly coming and going, and why it always seems so abrupt. I’ve rarely been taken aback when a fellow server called it quits, and that’s because I’m receptive to human behaviors–such as those displayed in this infographic. 

Unhappy employees quit, and that leaves employers in a bind. If they want to stop the stressful and expensive process of frequently rehiring, it’s as simple as noticing when your employee develops unmotivated and antisocial behaviors such as those depicted here, and starting a dialogue as to how to improve their job satisfaction. 

Beyond being pieces in the puzzle of your business, it’s crucial to remember that your employees are human beings whose emotional needs must be catered to. No amount of money can buy happiness.