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It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Passion

By | source:Here Jul 13th, 2021

Feel like some inspiration today? Looking for a new start in life? This infographic takes a look at some of the most successful achievers from our lifetimes and tracks how they bucked the trends. Two of the biggest brands of the last century, Coca-Cola and KFC, were both started by men way past their prime.

John Pemberton, Coca-Cola’s founder, was 55 when he created the famous brand. At 65, Colonel Saunders should have been in the pension queue when he decided to make fried chicken instead. Ray Croc, the co-founder of McDonald’s, sold paper cups until he was 52. It was only when the sales of milkshake mixers plummeted that he took steps to create what would become the most successful fast-food chain on earth.

So, what does it take to succeed in business? The best entrepreneurs are those who find their passion and then build a business from it. Running a business isn’t a nine-to-five job–you have to be committed. The hours may be long and arduous. When you hit snags and suffer failures, you have to have the motivation and confidence to pick yourself up and soldier on.

Find a line of work that is emotionally fulfilling and then do your homework. Choose your target market. Evaluate the competition. Do the sums. Can you make a profit under current market conditions? The rules don’t change as you get older. So, if you have a dream why not reach out and make a success of it?