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The Alarming Rate Of Urbanization And The Need For Smarter Cities

By | source:Here Apr 13th, 2019

More than half of Earth’s population currently resides in cities.  With more opportunity for work available, urban areas expect their populations to increase drastically within the next 20 years.  This calls for changes that will improve sustainability, functionality, and safety.

Currently, there are 21 cities with a population of at least ten million people.  Within the next six years, that number is supposed to reach 29. Large concentrations of people in small regions are sure to have an environmental impact.

Urban areas are currently responsible for the consumption of 60-80% of the world’s energy. As populations grow, adjustments have to be made.  This is when technology can help. Every day, more sensors get introduced into our lives, which get connected into networks and help with resource control.  For example, projects like notify local residents to reduce their wastewater when there are sewer overflows.

Our world’s population is following an exponential growth curve.  At our current rate, we are heading down a path of unsustainability in more ways than one.  Being conscious of how we use our resources is the best way to reduce environmental stress. When technology doesn’t put us on the brink of destruction it can be a great tool in making things work.