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The Truth Behind College Applications

By | source:Here Jul 2nd, 2020

For any aspiring college student and their parent, college is a huge deal. The Princeton Review recently conducted a survey across every state in the U.S as well as 100 countries around the world that explored the hopes and worries that thousands of students and parents experienced surrounding college – and this infographic tells you all that you need to know about the results.

The college application process can be a very stressful time for young applicants and their parents, and knowing more about what to expect, as well as how other people feel, will help you feel less anxious and isolated. Those nervously embarking on the journey may, for example, find comfort in knowing that the majority of students feel that taking the SAT, ACT, or APs is the most challenging part of the college admission process. 

As competitive as the college application process may feel, many of its ups and downs are shared among applicants and their parents. Financial anxieties and the desire for a better life are examples of this and further prove that this journey is daunting for almost everyone. Rest assured that your worries and your hopes are perfectly valid and probably felt by many others. You’re definitely not alone on this crazy journey!