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Stressed-Out Students

By | source: Aug 24th, 2011

I live in a college town, so even if I hid under a rock, it would be obvious that another school year is beginning. Another school year fraught with potentially stressful situations: concurrently scheduled exams, classes filled with strangers, and the ubiquitous pressure of GPAs. Life is stressful in general, but college students face high levels of stress compounded with newfound independence. Its no wonder the pressure is too much. Todayâ??s infographic takes a look at stressed-out students and what they can do to enhance their mental health.

According to the infographic, meditating, participating in hobbies, sleeping, and spending time with friends can ward off the negative impact of stress. Sure, these activities are obvious, but they are also items that donâ??t make the cut when schedules are tight. Another key tip is knowing when to ask for help. Most colleges have counselors or programs if the stress does become overbearing.

Hereâ??s to another school year and to keeping the stress at bay. [Via]