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Avoid Stress And Reduce Your Blood Pressure

By | Dec 26th, 2015

When you are stressed, your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered. This is a short-term reaction, which you’ll probably have noticed in the past. Your heart rate increases, you may feel your muscles tense up, and you will feel a surge in adrenaline. Due to your increase in heart rate, as well as the tenseness in the muscles, your systolic and diastolic pressures will certainly rise.

It’s important to note that, once whatever is causing the stress is removed, your blood pressure should return to normal. However, frequent stress-induced blood pressure spikes can cause issues similar to those resulting from long-term hypertension. This can sometimes be seen in damage to blood vessels, heart, and the kidneys.

Remember to check your blood pressure regularly and check out today’s infographic for other stress reducing tips.