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12 Phrases You Should Never Say at Work

By | source:Here May 10th, 2018

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Think before you speak.” It’s a good idea to do this all the time, but it’s especially important at work.  If you say the wrong things in the workplace, you might get on a coworker or manager’s bad side. It’s all a matter of phrasing. You might say something in an effort to help, but if you aren’t careful with your wording, you may sound rude in the process. For example, if you tell a coworker, “That’s not my problem,” they may feel dismissed. Instead, you can give your coworker an idea of who they should speak with.

Another negative habit that’ll get you in trouble at work is poorly worded correction. If you tell someone, “You should have done this instead!” or “That’s not how this is done,” you’ll hurt their feelings and not get anything accomplished. Instead of obsessing over the problem, provide a solution.

Everyone should always think about how their words can affect other people, whether it’s at work or when communicating with strangers. You never know when your words will hurt someone, but you can change your vocabulary to decrease that risk. Try to put this infographic to use in your next big meeting, and here are 50 other annoying phrases to avoid while at work.