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Basic English Grammar

By | source:Here Nov 27th, 2013

While English is my first language–and only fluent language–I sometimes have a hard time with its grammar, and I know I’m not the only one. I was an English major, and have only been out of school a few months now, but at times I can feel my basic grammar skills slipping away from me. Adjectives and tenses of words I have down pat, but some of the other English concepts mentioned in today’s graphic have become almost forgotten. (Spelling has started to get away from me too…thank goodness for spell check!)

English is a notoriously inconsistent language, but having some general rules or guidelines laid out for us is very helpful if one wishes to communicate effectively. Questions are addressed in today’s graphic such as: Objective vs. subjective; verb and adverb modifiers; the difference between pronouns and nouns; and the concept of morphemes–which I wasn’t familiar with until now. Apparently, words are considered “free standing,” while morphemes sometimes stand alone, but don’t always. (Look into morphology-the study of morphemes–for a more in depth definition).

This chart is a vocabulary lesson and refresher course for those interested in English. Read more books and check out today’s infographic for some schooling on basic English grammar!