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Beer and Your Body

By | source: Oct 20th, 2013

We are always told that drinking is bad for us and that drinking leads to bad health. This infographic tells just the opposite. Beer is good for you! Just how much is debatable. But the good news is is that it suits your body well.

Time can often be our worst enemies. As you age, getting out of bed can be very difficult. You can feel stiff and your joints can even audibly crack. Not to worry people, beer can take care of your joints and bones because it contains silicon. Silicon as many of you know is a very versatile element. Let it help you.

Many of us unfortunately have experienced the struggles of heart disease and cancer, whether personally or through seeing another person suffer. These two ailments are on the rise and it is very helpful knowing that something that can make you have fun with the ones you love and have the best times with healthier.  Beer is shown to improve your resistance to cancers and heart disease with the phenols and antioxidants they contain.

Though moderation is key to avoiding abuse, if you are of age, you should drink a beer or two to better your health, resistance to terminal illness, and have a good time. Beer brings people together. Enjoy life with those you love, and drink to a long and healthy life! [Via]