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A Definitive Ranking Of 100 Show Finales

By | source:Here May 1st, 2024

Final episodes of TV shows can be masterpieces or they could be completely awful. Today’s infographic compiles finales that could fall under both of those categories.

Today’s infographic shows 100 shows and compares the overall rating of the show to the rating of the finale (according to IMDB). If one thing becomes clear after looking at this, it’s that not all shows are consistent when it comes to the relationship between the show overall and their finales.

On one end of the spectrum, we see shows that were models of consistency. Shows in this category include Breaking Bad (9.9 finale, 9.5 overall) and The Wire (9.5 finale, 9.3 overall). Shows in this category seemed to have a pretty clear direction the whole way through and that shows in the consistent ratings throughout.

On the opposite end, however, are the shows that were pretty solid overall but crashed and burned when it came to the finale. Some of the shows in this category include House of Cards (8.8 overall, 2.6 finale) and Game of Thrones (9.6 overall, 4.2 finale). Shows in this category often suffered from a lack of direction or drastic changes that ruined what made the shows so good to begin with.

Be sure to look at the full infographic to see where your favorite show falls on this ranking!