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An Alchemist’s Guide To Literature’s Most Powerful Potions

By | source:Here May 13th, 2024

All of us have indulged in fantasy. From a young age, we’re brought up with stories of magic and enchantment. This infographic is a lovely reminder of some of the magic potions that you may find between the pages of your favorite fantasy novel. For those who would like to see how effective the magic is, the ingredients are even listed.

Mind you, collecting these ingredients could take some doing. Fire flowers, for example, grow on the mountains of the sun, and crocodile tears might be difficult to harvest unless you yourself indulge in them. The ingredients in the potion from the three witches in Macbeth is also absolutely terrifying. No wonder there was toil and trouble!

Magic aside, potions have been around since humans first gathered plants. They haven’t always been confined to fairy tales and fantasy novels. They served as medicines with active ingredients to which some attributed magical powers. They were used across the globe by people who believed that they could cure disease, extend life, or bring love and happiness to the user.

While many of the potions did very little to improve health, medical research has since proven there are exceptions. Tea tree oil, cannabis, and opium have all been used in potions in the past…as have deadly nightshade and arsenic. Many people today cultivate herbs with medicinal qualities to self-heal and stay in good health.

Now, I’m off to create a magic potion of my own.