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How To Read People Like Sherlock Holmes

By | source:Here May 18th, 2020

I’m going to admit it, I’m terrible at reading body language—especially facial expressions. So, I appreciate infographics like this one because it’s a simpler way to study those big or small signs people’s bodies give away about a person’s emotions…without having to stare at actual people like a total weirdo.

There is proven psychological and scientific evidence that these signs are more or less accurate in regards to reading people’s emotions. For example, whenever a person is lying, not interested, or they’re trying to avoid a conversation, they might not outright tell you. However, their body language would be giving signs of avoidance by trying to impose a physical barrier (arms crossed is the easiest thing to notice). On the other hand, a person who is interested in a conversation would show signs of “openness” or “welcoming” behavior–no crossed arms or legs, feet pointing forward, and/or person leaning toward the other person.

So, have a look at this infographic and try to keep these points in mind. You may not quite be able to tell what a person you’re interacting with is thinking, but it would at least give you a clue how good or bad that conversation is going for you.