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What The Boogeyman Looks Like In Other Countries

By | source:Here Dec 12th, 2021

Do you remember being a child and woorying about the Boogeyman coming out from under your bed? As it turns out, you weren’t alone.Kids throughout the world had to be on their best behavior, or their parents would scare them with some supernatural creature.

Playing outside with friends is such a blast that breaking curfew is rampant among youngsters. Not in Haiti. If you don’t notice any kids running in the streets after dark, that may be because they are afraid of the long legged Métminwi coming to get them. He shares a lot of similarities with the Choctaw mythological figure Nalusa Falaya.


Being at home after dark is no guarantee for safety, however. In Brazil, children who like to avoid bedtime are setting themselves up for a meeting with a crocodile woman. Her name is Cuca, and she likes to take away kids who stay up too late.

There are dangers lurking at all times around every corner of world. Remind your little ones that the safest place to be is right next to their parents. Maybe they can even trade a little housework for protection.  Children’s best route to safety from the various Boogeymen is listening to their parents. But in reality, that’s easier said than done.