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Do You Have A Boss Or A Leader?

By | source:Here Oct 24th, 2018

Take a moment and think over your career thus far. Now think about the managers you worked for.

I’m sure a few supervisors stand out in your mind, whether it be for good reasons or not-so-good ones. Let’s flip the script. Say you own your own business or manage a team at work.  Do you consider yourself a boss or a leader? Today’s infographic shows that a boss and a leader are not the same thing. But, what is it that truly makes a good leader stand out from the pack of bad bosses some folks are so used to?

Whereas a boss drives their employees, a leader coaches them, seeking out teaching opportunities to grow their team. A not-so-good boss obtains respect by inspiring fear and asserting how “big and bad” they are, compared to generating enthusiastic and excitement in others. When it comes to the blame game, good leaders aren’t hesitant to jump in and collectively work on trouble spots, whereas a run-of-the-mill boss would just point the finger. A boss demands that their team members “do this” and “do that,” but a good leader is willing to go on the journey with them.

What do you think? Is a boss and leader the same thing, or do you agree  that they are different? Have you been a bad boss before and developed into a good leader? Or, have one of your bosses made that transformation to leader right before your eyes?