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Budget Grocery Shopping for College Students

By | source:imgur Dec 9th, 2015

Today’s infographic touches on some good advice for the novice shopper. Honestly, it could have gone into a lot more detail on penny pinching, but it’s a good start for any kid who recently found themselves living away from home.

First off discounts and coupons are huge. In Texas we’re lucky enough to have HEB, a chain of grocery stores with massive amounts of in-store coupons as well as an anti-membership mentality. This means HEB doesn’t have a membership card their shoppers much have in order to receive discounts. HEB prices all their products reasonably, but if you’re local store does have a membership card, you better snatch that up.

Second: make a list and stick to it. On your list, don’t just pick the first item you see, check the prices and quantities of every item you need. Find the best value.

Finally, find that go-to meal. For me it’s black bean tacos, but for you who knows? Find that dish you can eat four or five nights a week and watch the savings roll in.