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Buying Habits of the Beauty Shopper

By | source: Jul 1st, 2013

Beauty Product Buyers are nearly twice as likely as the average consumer to be a DIY-enthusiast, 80% more likely to drive an SUV and 70% more likely to be â??body-conscious.” Now I can understand the reasoning behind ‘body-conscious’ people being frequent shoppers of beauty products, but the correlation with SUV drivers? Surprising.

Almost a quarter of customers find out about new beauty products from their friends. That’s understandable. Look around at the modern fashion, everyone is wearing the same brands. Levi’s, converse, H&M – these companies are what’s cool right now and most of that is attributed to word-of-mouth and advertising.

Advertisements follow very closely behind word-of-mouth at 23%. They are everywhere, TV, Billboards, online and even on our societies’ celebrities. Fashion week is one of the largest events in the entire world. It is flooded with cash that can rival even some of the biggest sporting events. Advertising is huge in the beauty market.