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How To Deep-Clean Your Carpet On A Budget

By | source:Here May 21st, 2018

If you have a carpet, you know how filthy it can get if you’re not a regular cleaner. Who has time to vacuum, anyway?  But save for calling a specialist (or your parents), do you have the knowledge to handle any carpet emergency by yourself? If not, today’s infographic is for you.First, let talk about the ugly truth: there are around 200,000 microorganisms per square inch in your carpet at any given moment, and that’s just under normal wear-and-tear.

Add a pet or two, food spills or a lapse in cleaning, and things get pretty gross. Before you know it, you could be walking on a plush floor that’s actually filled with germs. In order to prevent this, the team at COIT have shared tried-and-true DIY recipes and tricks to keep your carpet as clean as it can be.

For regular maintenance, your carpet-cleaning kit doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can even pull it together with items that are probably already in your pantry or bathroom! If you have an accident and are panicked about an unsightly stain, everything is not lost. Did you know salt can keep that wine spot from setting in? Or that beer is a great coffee-stain remover? Take a few notes and soon enough, the pros will be calling you to ask for tips!