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Avoid Bad Surprises, Child-Proof Your Home

By | source:Here Jul 1st, 2021

A lot can happen in a home with w new baby. Like a baby falling from a couch they just learned how to climb or hitting the sharpest edge of a piece of furniture they regularly use to stand up. Are you familiar with these scenarios?

As this infographic shows, the result of accidents suffered by children at home can be worse than just the tears on their little faces. Every year, a large number of children end up in the hospital due to accidents at home.

The risk of child accidents has been brought to the screen in pretty shocking ways. I remember two particular instances that made me recognize the importance of child-proofing your home.

In a Grey’s Anatomy episode, “Lay Your Hands on Me” a bookshelf fell on baby Tucker (Dr. Bailey’s son) while he was trying to climb it. Fortunately, Tucker survived the accident after surgery and the writers made a point about the importance of bolting your shelves to the wall when a baby is around.

On the other hand, the case portrayed in Lars Von Trier’s film, Antichrist, had a more tragic result. One of the first scenes depicts a child that climbs up to a bedroom window and then falls to his death. Before watching that film, it didn’t occur to me about the risk of placing some furniture near a window.

Scanning dangerous places, determining risky furniture layouts, and keeping products that are dangerous for your young children well secured, are some of the things you can learn from the following infographic. It also covers a list of products that will help you to prevent many of the situations that can lead to accidents at home. If you have children living or visiting your home frequently, there isn’t a better time than now to make your home child-proof.