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Child Proof Your Blinds

By | source:Here Jun 4th, 2019

Between 1986 to 2016, Health Canada received 69 reports concerning the choking hazards posed by corded window coverings. Since then, many window treatment companies,
including EliteWF, have committed to consumer product safety and have developed many cordless window treatment options in an effort to prevent strangulation hazards for young children and small pets.

While homeowners and consumers cannot completely shield themselves from accidents resultant of negligence or simple oversight, there is legislation such as the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act that ensures any products entering the consumer market are safe. The Act requires industries to inform Health Canada of any product safety concerns that could result in bodily harm to the consumer.

Window blinds are a household staple for many consumers’ homes and can be overlooked as a health and safety concern. New cordless blinds are a great option for eliminating the risk of cord strangulation and can often be easily integrated into new smart home technologies.

If, however, cordless window treatments are not currently an option for your home, there are many alternate solutions you can implement to prevent choking hazards and protect the ones you care most about. These simple solutions include: keeping cords out of reach; carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings; not placing furniture a child or pet can easily climb near your windows; securely attaching tension devices to the wall; installing a tie-down device high up on your wall to keep cords out of reach; avoiding tying knots and untying knots immediately; and removing any devices that form dangling loops.

Following these instructions and heeding any advice or warnings from manufacturers will help to ensure the safety of those living in your home. To learn more about cordless window treatments and child-proofing your blinds, check out today’s infographic by EliteWF.