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The Key To A Minimalist Lifestyle

By | source:Here Jun 3rd, 2019

Streamlining our very existence has become a growing trend, spawning tiny homes and capsule wardrobes. The internet is rife with examples on how to achieve more with less.

Minimalism aesthetic usually features clean lines, streamlined designs and sometimes industrial materials. Nevertheless, minimalism has shifted from an aesthetic trend to a whole philosophy of living. At its core, minimalism intends to highlight the things we value the most by removing everything else that could distract us from them.

Minimalism comes as a response to the consumerism that has gained momentum since the beginning of the twentieth century.  In fact, minimalism has gone beyond aesthetics and now encompasses a complete way of life for more and more people.

For example, so-called eco-minimalists try to reduce their ecological footprint by preferring fair trade materials, organic foods and by supporting companies with high corporate social responsibility. The zero-waste lifestyle also stems from the minimalist trend of wanting to live more simply. While the average population is  producing 40% more waste than twenty years ago, zero-waste people are able jam  one year’s worth of waste in small glass jars.

Another popular trend related to minimalism is the capsule wardrobe. This entails limiting our whole closet to a few key items (100, 50 or even 30 items in total) that would make dressing easier and more efficient. It’s even become a famous trend for CEOs and artists who want to spend more time working and less time picking out a shirt.

Find out how to start a shift into the minimalist lifestyle and what it takes!