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Sharpen Up Email Marketing With These Data Driven Tips

By | source:Here Jun 2nd, 2019

Email marketing is still one of the greatest ways to stay engaged with your customers and to build a lasting relationship with them. 

The key to making email work for your e-commerce brand is to be sure that your messages are always relevant to your customers.

Email is still one of the most ROI (return on investment) rich channels, and when combined with other high-performing channels, like SMS, Facebook Messenger, or push notifications, for example, the results can be far beyond what email can achieve on its own.

Getting the most out of your email campaigns means knowing when to send your campaign, who to send your campaign to, and when to opt for a different channel.

In this infographic, you’ll find a myriad of statistics gathered over the course of 2018 and from deep analysis of over 2 billion campaigns sent across the world. We dive into:

  • Key statistics on omnichannel marketing when comparing marketers using three or more channels in their campaigns versus those using only one channel
  • A comparison of segmented versus non-segmented campaigns in terms of open and click through rate, as well as purchase rate
  • Automation workflow comparisons to determine which kinds of automations provide the most engagement and purchases for e-commerce
  • Campaign timing by day of the month and hour of the day to help you send your campaigns at the perfect time
  • Results from various forms of email capture methods to determine the best practices to use

With these email marketing statistics for 2019, you’ll have the latest data to help you make the best decisions around your email strategy.