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The Biggest Celebrity Gamblers

By | source:Here Jun 1st, 2019

High profile celebrities are frequently faced with temptations they may be able to justify spending money on.  After all when you have your basic needs taken care of, entertainment is a category where alot of discretion and restraint have to be exercised. 

Some have fallen into gambling.  Ben Affleck, for example, is known to really enjoy playing blackjack.  Ben apparently did so well at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, the casino managers had to ban him from playing.

Other celebs can be quite unsuccessful, however.  Gladys Knight is one of them. The Empress of Soul once lost a whopping $6 million while playing 21!  Sounds like she should have learned some basic blackjack strategies before jumping in with the sharks.

Even if without stepping into a casino, placing bets happens in many places.  Find out what the regulations are because when Tobey Maguire played in an unofficial poker tournament,he was fined $80,000.

Being worth millions of dollars gives you an opportunity to do whatever you want with your money.  You can buy a nice house, go around the world, and still have millions leftover. How you spend it is your business, but there are definitely better things to do than gamble it all away.  Just ask Charlie Sheen.