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Everything You Need To Know About Renewable Energy

By | source:Here Mar 31st, 2021

As populations grow and the commercial, industrial and personal needs of the human race increase, so more and more energy is needed. For more than a century we have depended on coal and gas to power our lifestyles.

Scientists have been warning us for decades that the environmental cost of coal and gas-burning turbines is unacceptable. There are cleaner ways to power ourselves into the future.

As this infographic shows, the answer lies all around us. It’s in the water that flows across the Earth, in the gentle summer breezes, radiant sunlight, and geothermal wells. Instead of destroying the earth’s assets we can harness nature’s powerful gifts and create clean energy. Yet we still rely heavily on the destructive non-renewable energy that is polluting our atmosphere and our water sources.

Add to this the heavy burden of transport on the environment and it becomes clear that the current situation is unsustainable. Unless we start to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we place our planet in grave jeopardy.

Every one of us owes it to the next generation to take steps to clean up our act. Let’s make a commitment to the future of the world and reduce our carbon footprint.