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Dog Camping Checklist

By | source:Here Apr 2nd, 2022

When it comes to getting in touch with the great outdoors, there is no better companion and camping buddy than your trusted best friend.  Dogs love the outdoors.   They do however need our special love and support to keep them fed, safe and comfortable during your outdoor expeditions together.  You’ll probably want to postpone camping until after you’ve successfully introduced them to your home.

Food and water are two of the most essential items that your hound is going to need on a daily basis. Maybe not so much the water as you are bound to comes across some streams, rivers and ponds that are going to be a welcome relief for both you and your dog..

Keeping your dog warm at night, considering that he may have been in the river late in the day, is something that needs to be taken into careful consideration. Having a dog towel to dry your dog, and a nice warm bed for them to sleep in is going to do them, and you, the world of good. Nobody likes a cold night’s sleep.  This actually got me searching dog beds, which is a whole new rabbit hole.  I was not aware that orthopedic memory foam dog beds existed!   This one’s just a travel bed:

Happy camping!