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Meet A Wild Animal…And Live To Tell The Tale

By | source:Here Mar 28th, 2024

The idea of coming across a wild animal is petrifying in the most basic sense of the word. Most people would freeze and turn to stone in their terror, unable to move or think of the right reaction. That’s why it pays to memorize a few strategies (which you’ll hopefully never need) but which could potentially spell out the difference between life and death.

There’s nothing quite as amazing as seeing animals in their natural habitats, out in the wild. However, the wilderness can be, well, wild, and occasionally you may encounter some less-than-friendly creatures. When this happens, you’ll need to know how to safely react.

Black bears, for example, are unlikely to attack unless you get between a mom and her cub. Bear spray is the best deterrent if a black bear does charge at you, and will hopefully let both you and the frightened bear get away unscathed.

Wild boars, on the other hand, have sharp tusks and can run extremely quickly, so it’s not a good idea to attack them in any way. If they approach you aggressively, climbing to a height of at least 5 feet should keep you out of harm’s way.

Either way, the best defense is avoidance altogether–so keep an eye out, don’t hike alone, and be safe.