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The Incredible Pigeon

By | source:Andrew Moliski Mar 29th, 2024

In almost every urban area on every continent around the world, pigeons solemnly blend into the cityscape aesthetic. Usurping sidewalks and parks in their massive unflattering flocks, pigeons are seen as nothing more than flying rats– but the incredible truth behind these feathered pedestrians is buried just below the surface. As a college sophomore studying advertising, it’s my social duty to change the majority’s perspective on this wonderful species; motivating a new consideration for one of our oldest companions may help us in becoming a more appreciative and open-minded people.

What started as a curious joke, led me to discover some pretty fascinating subcultures in pigeon racing and pigeon fancying, all of which are at a risk of disappearing due to a lack of interest from younger people. Hopefully this infographic will spark some new interest in these amazing and ancient disciplines!